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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Game Radio

I thought about what kind of music I like as much as anime OST's. And then I realized: the music of the old games.
These 8-bit melodies arouse memories of the joy I felt in my childhood, spending days on end for play in NES, SEGA and then finally PSOne.
I immediately started looking into Google Play something like that, and to my surprise, I found nothing. So I decided: do Game Radio:

And of course the widget:


  1. Whilst this app is cool, and the people surrounding me seem to agree, you should have asked for our permission before listing us on the app. For two reasons:

    1. Whilst it's great that you're promoting video games radio, we, the station holders, are having to deal with the extra bandwidth coming our way. Running a VPS is not the cheapest thing to do on the internet, with most of us running on a bandwidth-to-cost ratio basis

    2. Which follows from the first point, you appear to be profiting from the app, for content not made by you. The development of the app is one thing (and I fully respect that, as a software engineer in industry myself) but without our (or any other station's) content, it's not worth a lot. Why not give up some of that income you're making to ensure that our stations continue to be great?

    Needless to say that I am disappointed to see that none of the station managers I have spoken to have been made aware of your revenue stream, but we collectively are classing this as stealing from the content makers.

    Please reconsider your position on revenue streams before one of the station managers kicks off in a big way. I'm sure they will be understanding if you approached them properly! We're all in love with VG Music and want it to continue as much as you do :)

  2. I agree with the previous poster. I am also a manager of one of the stations you are profiting from. If this is an honest mistake on your part, I can understand and forgive, given you're receptive, but if thought no one would notice you suddenly started raking in bandwidth and money off of our work. My particular station is completely out of pocket since I don't get revenue from ads or donations, and it's a little troublesome to learn that someone else is making money off of my content without even asking me for permission. On top of that, if they HAD asked for permission, I wouldn't have simply said, "Sure, don't share any of that with me--I'm good!" Take this as a bit of a warning. You should consider getting rid of that recording feature because it's rude to stream rip. That's just common courtesy, and when I detect it on my stream I do some pretty aggressive banning.

    I would, however, like to say that your app is very well made! If you had offered to make me an app for my station, I would have gladly agreed...

  3. Hi all! I am free to communicate and my email written on Google Play page of app.
    And I already communicated with some of radio admins if they want notify about changing stream or want change logo. Also users sometimes ask add new station.
    But you first who talk about this from position of profit. I really spend a lot of time to make this app good. All of station have links to its website.
    If my app is bad for your stations, just ask me and I remove link. In my justification just can say: stations a lot, but I am alone, its just a hobby and I cant spend much time to it.
    I really sorry what I not ask permission to add your stations to list.
    P.S. My profit from ads in Game radio about 1$ per day.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your quick response to our concerns!

      I'm sure you're a cool guy really, just trying to get by. And if the profit figures are true to your word then there isn't much else for me to do. However, I have a few recommendations, if that's ok?

      In one of your upcoming updates, could you please make the links to our websites more visible? This would help make aware that a number of our stations are donation driven, equally just trying to get by, as most of us are also entirely non-commercial!

      The second is one that you've already mentioned in your response, and that is to double check some of the logos that you have in the app. One of the major examples you're using has had a major overhaul in the last 3 months :)

      Lastly, do make sure you ask all of us permission where possible! I've definitely not seen an email come through from our very prominent contact page yet! I just want to make this formal, for both our records.

      Apart from that, happy developing! :)

    2. Ok, I move website to info below station name (where now bitrate). If you want change logo, just send it to my email.

  4. My favourite radio (zx-tune) has been removed, and I can't find the link to include manually... can you post the link here?

    1. Oh, it starts working again, I revert it in new update, now you can add

    2. Thanks! I have a soundtrack for my homeworks again! ;)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Yep, website is but stream from link above.

  5. Why people doesn't think that illegal broadcoasting and stuff is also robbery? Theye are so many thefts.

    1. If you mean broadcast music from old games is illegal? So you correct, but how can you purchase soundtack from NES version of Battletoads in present time? If you station owner and don't want your station in my app, just ask and i delete it.